Williamsburg, VA Attractions – A Blend Of History And Modern

Williamsburg is a history bluff’s paradise. The city is located in the southeastern part of the US state of Virginia in an area known as The Hampton Roads which includes Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Williamsburg is the home to historic attractions: Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. These three historic attractions form what is known as the Historic Triangle.

As well as being home to these historic attractions, Williamsburg is also home to the modern attractions of Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. So, there is something compelling here whether you are seeking out history, theme and water park adventure, or both. Here are the Williamsburg, VA attractions to go to.


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Jamestown is located on the northwest bank of the James River in the southwestern area of Williamsburg. It was the first permanent English settlement in what would later become the United States. It was established in May of 1607 in the colony of Virginia by the Virginia Company of London. Jamestown was named for King James I of England.

The quest to establish the Jamestown settlement was led by Captain John Smith. As the settlement was low on food, James Smith trained the settlers to farm for food to help sustain and grow the settlement. He famously warned that those who won’t work, won’t eat. During the 17th century, Jamestown served as the capital of the colony of Virginia.

Jamestown, today, is a living history museum. During your visit to Jamestown, you can check out ruins and replicas of a variety of buildings that were there during the 17th century when Jamestown was a settlement. These include James Fort, Jamestown Church, the Statehouse, the Ambler Mansion, the rowhouse, and the Governor Harvey House.

A recreation of the Powhatan Indian Village is also worth checking out. There are replicas of the original three settlers ships to check out. They are the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery. You can also check out indoor and outdoor galleries. a statue of Captain John Smith is also located at Jamestown.

You can buy a 7 day pass which will not only include admission to Jamestown, but also to the American Revolution Museum which I will discuss soon in this post. The prices for that are $27.50 for adults and $13.50 for youth aged 6 to 12. The pass is free for those who are aged under 6. You can buy your passes by going here.


Yorktown is located to the east of Williamsburg. Yorktown is most famous for being the very last battle of the American Revolutionary War in which the United States fought for independence from Britain. That battle ended in 1781 which is technically a few years after the US had already declared its independence from Britain in 1776.

American Revolution Museum

At this museum, you can learn about the American Revolutionary War and the founding of the United States. There are galleries that include artifacts, immersive environments, interactive exhibits, and films. One feature worth noting is the Siege of Yorktown in which you are surrounded by a 180-degree screen and special effects designed to immerse you into the Battle of Yorktown.

Just outside the museum is a recreated encampment where you can enlist into the US Continental Army to learn about the life of a solider during the American Revolutionary War including demonstrations on medical treatment, camp life, and cooking. You can also watch the firings of musket and artillery.

You can also explore a 18th century farm in order to learn about what life on the farm was like for a family during the American Revolution. You can even perform a variety of chores around the house and farm.

Colonial Williamsburg

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Colonial Williamsburg is located in the downtown area of Williamsburg. Colonial Williamsburg can best be described as a living, breathing 18th century city. This is meant to make you feel like you are actually in the 18th century, well before the United States became a country. This is the period when Williamsburg served as the capital of the colony of Virginia.

This is where the ideals that define what the United States is as a country began to take form in the 18th century. During your time in Colonial Williamsburg, you will encounter people who dress, work, and speak just like people did back in the 18th century. You will see horse-drawn carriages traveling down the streets of Colonial Williamsburg.

There are several hundred buildings that have been restored or recreated to resemble what buildings in Williamsburg looked like in the 18th century. A few of these buildings include the Raleigh Tavern, the Governor’s Palace, the George Wythe House, and the Capitol. You can get a multi-day ticket for about $55 per adult and $30 per person aged between 6 and 12. You can buy your tickets here.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg is located on Busch Gardens Boulevard in Williamsburg. This is one of only two Busch Gardens theme parks found in the United States. This theme park has an overall European theme. The theme park is divided into 10 sections, known as hamlets. Each hamlet is inspired by a European-style village. Each hamlet has its own unique architecture, food, shops, and music.

Banbury Cross (England), San Marco (Italy), and Rhinefeld (Rhineland Germany) are a few of the hamlets that make up Busch Gardens Williamsburg. There are around nine thrilling roller coasters to check out, including Griffon, Alpengeist, and Apollo’s Chariot. The theme park has two modes of transportation. They are the steam locomotive trains and sky rides.

Each of the transportation modes connects a few of the hamlets with each other. The one-day ticket price between March 15th and November 1st, 2020 is $89 per person. You can buy your tickets to Busch Gardens Williamsburg here.

Water Country USA

Water Country USA is located on Water Country Parkway in Williamsburg. This is the largest water park in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US. There are countless water slides available at this water park. A few of them worth noting include Aquazoid, Big Daddy Falls, and the newest water slide called Cutback Water Coaster which just opened last year.

There are two lazy rivers at this water park. The first is Hubba Hubba Highway. This lazy river is locate on the east side of the water park. This lazy river is about 1,500 feet long and is packed with numerous splash features for you to wet yourself in. The second lazy river is called Rambling River. This river is about 736 feet long, making this lazy river much shorter than Hubba Hubba Highway.

This lazy river winds its way around the Rock’n’Roll Island. The wave pool at this water park is called Surfer’s Bay. This is the largest wave pool in the state of Virginia at 23.000 square feet. The wave pool has a maximum depth of 8 feet. The waves happen every 10 minutes and reaches a height of 4 feet. The waves last for 8 minutes each time.

The one-day ticket price between May 16th and September 13th, 2020 is $63 per person. You can go here to buy your tickets for this water park.

These are the Williamsburg, VA attractions that any history bluffs and theme and water park seekers will desire to visit. Williamsburg has the best of both the history and modern worlds.

The Hotels

Are you craving for a hotel to unwind overnight at? I have got your back. Here are the two hotels that you should book a stay with.

Best Western Historic Area Inn

This hotel is located on Bypass Road in Williamsburg. This hotel offers complimentary breakfast. A few restaurants nearby include Le Yaca French Restaurant, Sal’s by Victor, and Aberdeen Barn. There is an indoor heated swimming pool and a hot tub. There is also a fitness center available at the hotel.

All of the hotel’s rooms comes with microwaves, mini refrigerators, and WiFi. The average rate for a standard room range from $69 to $148. You can go here to explore your booking options and/or view some photos.

Hampton Inn by Hilton Williamsburg – Central

This hotel is located on Bypass Road in Williamsburg. Complimentary breakfast is offered at this hotel. If you are looking for nearby restaurants to feed your own stomach, a few options include Bistro 515, Rocco’s Smokehouse Grill, and A Chef’s Kitchen. This hotel has two swimming pools. One is indoors and another is outdoors.

There is also a hot tub at the hotel for you to soak yourself into. A fitness center is available for your workout needs. All of the hotel’s rooms comes with WiFi and coffee makers. The hotel’s suites also comes with mini refrigerators and microwaves too. The average rate for a standard room range from $78 to $168. You can head here to book your stay and/or check out some photos.

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