What To Do In St. Louis, The City With The Arch

St. Louis is a vibrant riverside city located on the western bank of the Mississippi River in the US State of Missouri. One thing that comes to mind about the city is the iconic arch called the Gateway Arch that graces the city’s skyline. The Gateway Arch is the monument that symbolizes St. Louis. If you are planning on visiting the city, here are some ideas for what to do in St. Louis to get in some great experiences there.

Gateway Arch National Park

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Gateway Arch National Park is located on the shore of the Mississippi River in downtown St. Louis. This is where the Gateway Arch is located. So, this should be your first stop during your St. Louis visit. The Gateway Arch represents the westward expansion of the United States that begun under President Thomas Jefferson during the early 19th century.

The Gateway Arch also commemorates the first civil government to be established in the country west of the Mississippi River as well as the debate surrounding slavery stemming from the Drew Scott case. The arch is also called the Gateway to the West. The Gateway Arch is about 630 feet tall.

That makes the arch the tallest arch in the world, the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere, and the tallest accessible building in Missouri. The arch is made of stainless steel. Beneath the Gateway Arch lies the museum where you can check out a variety of exhibits including these related to the westward expansion of the country and the construction of the arch.

This museum also has a restaurant and a gift shop onsite. Also part of Gateway Arch National Park is the Old Courthouse. This historic domed building is located just to the west of the Gateway Arch. The Old Courthouse is built in the Greek Revival architectural style with four wings and an Italian Renaissance cast iron dome. This building was used as a hybrid federal and state courthouse.

The Old Courthouse was where the first two trials of the pivotal Dred Scott case took place in 1847 and 1850. Virginia Minor’s case for a woman’s right to vote also had its trail there in the 1870’s. Today, the building is open to the public where you can learn about the judicial system in the 19th century.

St. Louis Science Center

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If you are looking for something to do with the amazing world of science and technology, then you will want to head to the St. Louis Science Center. This world class museum is located at the southeastern corner of Forest Park along Interstate 64 in the Central West End area of St. Louis. This museum is about 300,000 square feet large with over 700-plus exhibits.

This makes the St. Louis Science Center among the largest museums in the US dedicated to science and technology. So, there is certainly plenty for you to see there. One interesting aspect of the museum complex is the indoor bridge that crosses Interstate 64 from one building to the other building.

Not only does that allow you to look over at the highway, but also you can look directly below as the traffic buzzes by on the highway. There are about 14 categories that are covered at the museum. These include space science, dinosaur & paleontology, plants & animals, physics, technology, aviation & flight, biological sciences, chemistry, among others.

One major exhibit you can check out at the museum is called 50 Greatest Landscapes. In this exhibit, you can check out a jaw-dropping collection of images showcasing some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. These images are treated like works of art. If you are into gaming, you should check out the major exhibit, GameXPloration.

Board games, video games, and virtual reality are a few categories of gaming covered within this exhibit. Flight enthusiasts will want to check out the Experience Flight Simulator major exhibit. Located in this exhibit are a variety of simulators where you can take the pilot’s seat and pilot an aircraft through a variety of settings. These are a few of the exhibits you can check out at the St. Louis Science Center.

Busch Stadium/Ballpark Village

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If you are a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals of the MLB pro baseball league, you will want to head to Busch Stadium and Ballpark Village. They are located in the southeastern section of downtown St. Louis near the interchange of Interstate 64, Interstate 55, and Interstate 70. Busch Stadium is the home of the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are one of the oldest and most storied team in the MLB.

The St. Louis Cardinals have been in existence since 1900. They have won eleven World Series championships in the MLB. That places the Cardinals in second place only behind the New York Yankees. The price for a St. Louis Cardinals ticket varies widely depending on which game and stadium seating you choose. For example, the ticket to a Cardinals game on April 2nd, 2020 range from $50 to $426.

You can view the game schedule and buy your tickets by going here. Busch Stadium itself is a retro-style ballpark that seats 46,000 people and uses Kentucky bluegrass for its playing surface. There is a bronze statue of Cardinals legend Stan “The Man” Musial located just outside the Gate 3 entrance stands.

For the most part, Busch Stadium is positioned in order to offer those attending the games a breathtaking view of the downtown skyline including the Gateway Arch. Located adjacent to the stadium is the Ballpark Village dining and entertainment district. There are two places there that I would like to note for the Cardinals fans. The first is the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum.

(Photo courtesy of Nicolas Henderson via Flickr)

This museum is divided into seven sections designed to guide you through the storied history of the St. Louis Cardinals from its original beginnings through to the present. There are a few things at the museum that I would like to note. The first is that there are models of the stadiums that the Cardinals have played in throughout its long history.

The second thing is that there is a place called The Broadcast Booth where you can take your place alongside the most renowned broadcasters in the Cardinals’ history and call out some of the team’s greatest moments. The third thing is that you can hold a baseball bat that had actually been used by a Cardinals great in order to get a better feel for how it handles. You can do so in the Holding History area.

The last thing to note is that you can check out each of the team’s 11 World Series titles in The Championship Gallery area of the museum. This museum has one of the largest team-specific collections of artifacts and memorabilia in the world. The admission prices for the museum are $12 for adults, $8 for children, and $10 for seniors and military members. You can get your passes here.

The second place at Ballpark Village is the Cardinals Nation Restaurant & Bar. This is a unique restaurant because of the fact that it is themed with the St. Louis Cardinals in mind. This restaurant and bar takes up two floors serving sports-inspired cuisine. There are over 50 flat-screen TVs available for watching the Cardinals play baseball.

These are some ideas for what to do in St. Louis. With these, you can have a great time once you visit St. Louis.

Hotels In St. Louis

If you are looking for a hotel to stay at in St. Louis, I have you covered here. Here are the two hotels I would suggest you to book your stay at.

Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch

This hotel is located on Chestnut Street in downtown St. Louis. This stylish hotel has four onsite restaurants and bars. They are RED Kitchen, RED Bar, Rush’s Chris Steak House, and Brewhouse Historical Sports Bar. Starbucks is also located onsite. A 24-hour fitness center called StayFit is available at the hotel for you to use. There is a gift shop located within the lobby of the hotel.

All of the hotel’s rooms and suites offer sweeping view of the city skyline include the Gateway Arch. They all also offer the hotel’s signature Hyatt Grand Bed beddings. At the very least, you can expect to have WiFi, coffee makers, and mini refrigerators in the rooms and suites. The average rate for a standard room range from $140 to $335. You can go here to explore your booking options and/or view some photos.

Drury Plaza Hotel St. Louis at the Arch

This hotel is located on South 4th Street in downtown St. Louis. This hotel is housed in a group of historic buildings and is noted for its matching millwork, Italian marble, and Waterford crystal chandeliers. This hotel has a terrance on the eighth floor for enjoying the breathtaking downtown views. There is complimentary breakfast offered at the hotel.

Free popcorn and soda are also offered in the hotel’s lobby. There is an onsite restaurant known as 5:30 Kickback. There is an indoor heated swimming pool and hot tub at the hotel. A fitness center is also available for your workouts. Many of the hotel’s rooms offer sweeping views of downtown St. Louis. All of the rooms have WiFi, mini refrigerators, coffee makers, and microwaves.

The average rate for a standard room range from $144 to $286. You can head here to book your stay and/or check out some photos.

What are your thoughts? Are you planning on a visit to St. Louis? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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