Places to Go In Colorado – Hot Springs to Check Out In 2020

2020 is almost upon us. That doesn’t just mean a new year, but also a new decade. Colorado is world famous for its colorful natural beauty topped off with towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains, many of them toppling 14,000 feet in height. One thing that defines Colorado is its countless hot springs.

There is a reason why numerous cities and towns in Colorado have names that ends with the word “springs”. Colorado Springs is the most obvious one as it is the biggest city not just in Colorado, but also the United States, to have such a name. As far as places to go in Colorado is concerned, these are the hot springs that you should check out in 2020.

Before I start, I just want to let you know that each of the hot springs that are mentioned here is a part of a hotel. So, here we go.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Glenwood Springs

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The Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is located on East Sixth Street in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. This charming resort hotel is home to the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool which is said to be the largest mineral hot spring pool in the world. The Ute tribe called this hot spring pool “Yampah”. This word translates to “big medicine” because of its perceived health benefits.

The big section of the hot spring pool maintain a water temperature of about 90 to 93 F while the smaller section of the hot spring pool maintains a water temperature of about 104 F. There are a total of 15 minerals contained inside the hot spring pool. Construction is currently ongoing to add a new aquatic park at the hot spring pool called the Sopris Splash Zone.

The new aquatic park will add water slides, a water fountain, kid play zones, and more to the hot spring pool. When the construction is completed, the aquatic park will open during the summer season. Also, during the summer months, you can rent a cabana at the hot spring pool.

During your stay at this resort hotel, you will get unlimited access to the hot spring pool. The hot spring pool is open year round. There are other amenities at the resort hotel in addition to the hot spring pool. There is an onsite restaurant called The Poolside Grill to feed the hungry. This resort hotel also offers a spa called Spa of the Rockies which offers a full service menu.

You can also work out at the fitness center known as the Athletic Club. The fitness center also offers fitness classes if you wish to participate in them. There is an onsite store at the resort hotel called The Shop where you can buy swimming-related items and more.

All of the rooms at the resort hotel are neatly designed with the soothing earth tone palette and rich finishes. All of the rooms offers WiFi, coffee makers, microwaves, and mini refrigerators. The average rate for a standard room range from $199 to $332. You can go here to explore your booking options and/or view some additional photos.

The Springs Resort & Spa, Pagosa Springs

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This resort hotel is locate on Hot Springs Blvd in Pagosa Springs. Available at this scenic resort hotel are 23 naturally hot therapeutic mineral hot spring pools. In addition to these hot spring pools, there is a mineral water lap hot spring pool that is being fed by the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring. All of these hot spring pools are located along or near the gorgeous San Juan River.

The water temperatures range from 87 to 114 F depending on which hot spring pool you choose to enter. When you stay at this resort hotel, you get 24 hours access to these hot spring pools. Even though these hot spring pools are the signature feature at this resort hotel, they aren’t the only thing available onsite. There are two onsite restaurants. One is called the Barefoot Grill another is known as Cafe.

If you are looking to drink alcoholic drinks, you can do so at one or both of the two onsite bars. One bar is called Canteen and another is called the Phoenix Bar & Atrium Lounge. The resort hotel also has a spa called the Pahgosa Spa which itself contains a store, the Pahgosa Spa Boutique, where you can buy a variety of items. A range of onsite activities are offered, from biking to fishing to snowshoeing.

This resort hotel offers a range of room and suite options ranging from the basic hotel room to the luxurious suite that resembles a condo. At a minimum, you can look forward to WiFi, a mini refrigerator, and a coffee maker. The rooms and suites are spread throughout the grounds of the resort hotel.

The average rate for a standard room range from $383 to $521. You can book your stay and/or check out additional photos by going here.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort, Nathrop

This resort hotel is located on County Road 162 in Nathrop. The breathtaking resort hotel has four groups of hot spring pools. The first group is called the Historic Bath House. This is the oldest group of hot spring pools as it was built in the mid 19th century, just after the American Civil War was over. Two different hot spring pools are in this group. They are the soaking pool and the exercise pool.

The water temperature reach for 105 F at the soaking pool while the exercise pool maintains the water temperature in the 90 F range. The second group of hot spring pools is known as the Chalk Creek Hot Springs. Here, the hot spring water bubbles directly from the ground at a water temperature of 140 F. However, you can mix in the cold water with the hot water in order to create your ideal hot spring pool.

The third group of hot spring pools is the Upper Pools & Water Slide. These hot spring pools are connected by the winding lazy river. There is a water slide with hot water running down the winding slide. You can ride it with a mat and once you finish the slide, you will land in a hot spring pool that is rather cold at a water temperature of just 75 F.

The fourth group of hot spring pools is called the Spa & Club. There are two sections here. They are the relaxation pool and the cascading hot spring pools. As for the water temperatures, the relaxation pool is maintained at around 100 F while the cascading hot spring pools range from 101 to 107 F. It should be noted that people must be at least 16 years old in order to enter this group of hot spring pools.

This resort hotel offers additional amenities aside from the hot spring pools. There is a fitness center at this resort hotel with yoga and fitness classes. If you are thirsty, you can check out the onsite juice shop known as the Juice Bar. There is a spa located in the Spa & Club area of the resort hotel. If you find yourself feeling hungry, you can get yourself full at the onsite restaurant called the Princeton Club Restaurant.

There are a range of room and suite options. One option is the new Creekside Suite suites. These new suites are located directly on Chalk Creek. They are designed with modern finishes. These suites come equipped with glass-front fireplaces and kitchenettes. They also offer balconies and patios with gorgeous views of not just Chalk Creek, but also the mountain peaks. WiFi is also available too.

The average rate for a standard room at this resort hotel range from $162 to $512. You can go here to book a stay and/or check out some photos.

So, these are the hot springs in Colorado that you should check out in 2020. What are your thoughts? Does any of these hot springs warm up your heart? Feel free to post a comment right below.

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