Consider One of the Hot Air Balloon Rides in Sedona for Amazing Bird’s Eye Views

Have you ever had a bird’s eye views of an area? If you have, then chances are that it came from looking down from a window on an airplane flying way, way high in the skies. But, what if you want a more close-up and personal bird’s eye views?

Then you will want to take in one of the hot air balloon rides in Sedona, Arizona in order to soak in the amazing views of scenic Sedona, in particular the huge reddish rock formations known as the Red Rocks mixed in with lush vegetation. Here are two options for which hot air balloon company to go with in order to take in the fun of riding a hot air balloon.

Red Rock Balloons

(Photo courtesy of Red Rock Balloons)

Red Rock Balloons flies seven days a week, weather permitting. The overall length of the experience is from three to four hours. The hot air balloon ride will take around one to one and a half hours depending on the wind condition and the discretion of the pilot flying the hot air balloon. Once the ride is over, there will be a picnic event. During that time, the pilot will tell stories about the history and competitive nature of ballooning.

The price for the ride is $225 per adult (including a free DVD) and $195 per child (12 years old and under). The bank cards accepted by Red Rock Balloons include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Red Rock Balloons only flies at sunrise. So, you will want to be prepared to wake up early in the morning for the ride.

There is a shuttle service from and to a hotel provided by Red Rock Balloons. All passengers are required to be at least 48 inches tall in order to take part in the hot air balloon ride. A phone call is required in order to make a reservation with Red Rock Balloons as online booking is unfortunately not available. The number to call is 800-258-3754.

Northern Light Balloon Expeditions

(Photo courtesy of Northern Light)

Northern Light Balloon Expeditions flies seven days a week contigent on weather. The length of the flight is usually one hour long although it may be a little longer in order to find a spot to land on. There will be a picnic event after the flight is completed and will be served with champagne. Most of Northern Light’s hot air balloons can hold up to seven passengers on each, although there is also one that can hold up to twelve passengers on it.

The price for the hot air balloon ride is $225 per person. Northern Light accepts the MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discovery bank cards for payment. While making a reservation for the hot air balloon ride is not required, it is recommended that you do so. Making a reservation can only be done via a phone call as online booking is not available, unfortunately.

The reservation can be made by calling one of the following numbers, 1-800-230-6222 or 928-282-2274. Northern Light will provide a shuttle service back and forward between the hotel and the hot air balloon launch site. The hot air balloon ride will start at sunrise. So, it is best to prepare yourself to wake up early in the morning.

These are the two hot air balloon companies you can choose from in order to embark on an exciting hot air balloon ride that will reward you with stunning views of Sedona, Arizona. During your hot air balloon ride, you will be able to spot wildlife activity around the Red Rocks and the lush vegetation that helps to define Sedona.

The pilot of the hot air balloon will certainly be more than happy to point you towards the wildlife as you float around during your ride.

Need A Hotel to Stay Overnight in Sedona?

Are you in need of a hotel to stay overnight in Sedona for your hot air balloon ride? No problem, I have got you covered right here. Here are two hotels that I would suggest that you book an overnight stay at. Just make sure to tell the representative from one of the two hot air balloon companies in Sedona where you are staying so that they will know where to pick you up for the ride.

Desert Quail Inn Sedona

The Desert Quail Inn Sedona is a hotel located in Sedona’s scenic Red Rock Country. It is located about seven miles south of Sedona’s bustling uptown area. There is an outdoors swimming pool and hot tub available for your enjoyment at the hotel. If you have any clothing that needs to be washed, there are laundry services available at this hotel.

Even though there are no in-house restaurants or bars at the hotel, there are plenty of them available in the surrounding area. The staff at the hotel are multilingual. So, if you need to talk to them in a language other than English, then you will be able to do so at this hotel. This is a non-smoking hotel. So, if you want to smoke, you will need to find a location outside of the hotel’s property in order to do so.

Each room at the hotel comes with mini fridges and microwaves for you to prepare or store foods and beverages. There is WiFi available in each of the hotel rooms along with air-conditioning. The hotel’s suites comes equipped with a fireplace and whirlpool tub. The average rate for a standard room at this hotel ranges from $103 to $194. Feel free to go here if you want to book a stay and/or view photos.

Sky Ranch Lodge

Sky Ranch Lodge is a hotel located about 500 feet above Sedona at the edge of Airport Mesa. Regardless of which direction one looks at, breathtaking views of massive red rock formations surrounds this hotel. The hotel is renowned for its beautiful landscape on property. This includes gardens, shade trees, and ponds.

The hotel includes an outdoors, heated, saltwater swimming pool and hot tub. There is a wine bar located in-house at the hotel. For meals, you will want to head over to the Mesa Grill Restaurant which is located within a walking distance from the hotel. The restaurant serves all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The hotel is surrounded by hiking trails. Laundry services are also available at this hotel.

Each of the hotel’s rooms comes with a kitchenette and a microwave. Certain rooms will come equipped with a fireplace for you to soak in the warmth. This hotel welcomes pets and offers pet-friendly rooms. WiFi and air conditioning are available in the rooms. The average rate for a standard room here at the hotel ranges from $122 to $334. If you would like to book your stay and/or view some photos, you can head here.

So, what are your thoughts? Have you dreamt of taking a hot air balloon ride with sweeping views? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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