Consider One of the Hot Air Balloon Rides in Sedona for Amazing Bird’s Eye Views

If you have ever had a bird’s eye views of an area, chances are that it came from looking down from a window on an airplane flying way, way high in the skies. But, what if you want a more close-up and personal bird’s eye views? Then you will want to take in one of the hot air balloon rides in Sedona, Arizona in order to soak in the amazing views of scenic Sedona, in particular the huge reddish rock formations known as the Red Rocks mixed in with lush vegetation. Here are two options for which hot air balloon company to go with in order to take in the fun of riding a hot air balloon.

Red Rock Balloons

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Red Rock Balloons flies seven days a week, weather permitting. The overall length of the experience is from three to four hours. The hot air balloon ride will take around one to one and a half hours depending on the wind condition and the discretion of the pilot flying the hot air balloon. Once the ride is over, there will be a picnic event. During that time, the pilot will tell stories about the history and competitive nature of ballooning.

The price for the ride is $225 per adult (including a free DVD) and $195 per child (12 years old and under). The bank cards accepted by Red Rock Balloons include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Red Rock Balloons only flies at sunrise. So, you will want to be prepared to wake up early in the morning for the ride. There is a shuttle service from and to a hotel provided by Red Rock Balloons All passengers are required to be at least 48 inches tall in order to take part in the hot air balloon ride. A phone call is required in order to make a reservation with Red Rock Balloons as online booking is unfortunately not available. The number to call is 800-258-3754.

Northern Light Balloon Expeditions

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Northern Light Balloon Expeditions flies seven days a week contigent on weather. The length of the flight is usually one hour long although it may be a little longer in order to find a spot to land on. There will be a picnic event after the flight is completed and will be served with champagne. Most of Northern Light’s hot air balloons can hold up to seven passengers on each, although there is also one that can hold up to twelve passengers on it.

The price for the hot air balloon ride is $225 per person. Northern Light accepts the MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discovery bank cards for payment. While making a reservation for the hot air balloon ride is not required, it is recommended that you do so. Making a reservation can only be done via a phone call as online booking is not available, unfortunately. The reservation can be made by calling one of the following numbers, 1-800-230-6222 or 928-282-2274. Northern Light will provide a shuttle service back and forward between the hotel and the hot air balloon launch site. The hot air balloon ride will start at sunrise. So, it is best to prepare yourself to wake up early in the morning.


These are the two hot air balloon companies you can choose from in order to embark on an exciting hot balloon ride that will reward you with stunning views of Sedona, Arizona. During your hot air balloon ride, you will be able to spot wildlife activity around the Red Rocks and the lush vegetation that helps to define Sedona. The pilot of the hot air balloon will certainly be more than happy to point you towards the wildlife as you float around during your ride.

Hotels In The Grand Canyon – Which Hotel Should You Stay At?

When you are planning a vacation to the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the most important parts of planning a vacation is figuring out where you would lay and rest your head overnight after a long and exciting day exploring the stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon National Park? You may be wondering which of the hotels in the Grand Canyon area should you stay at?

Good Question. One of the most important factors when deciding on a hotel is location. You ideally want to be as close as possible to the Grand Canyon National Park so that you can spend extra time exploring the national park rather than commuting between the national park and the hotel. I will go over a few of the hotels located at the national park. Before I start, it is worth noting that there are two entrances to the Grand Canyon National Park: the South Rim and the North Rim. So, I will indicate which entrance each hotel is located at. Here we go.

El Tovar Hotel – South Rim

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The El Tovar Hotel is a scenic and historic hotel that is located right at the clifftop on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park which offers sweeping views of the national park. The hotel is more than 100 years old as it was built in the early 1900’s at the end of the railroad line. At the time of its grand opening, the hotel was considered among the most elegant hotels west of the Mississippi River.

The hotel is a large building that is made of log-related construction materials that brings in a deep sense of charm to the hotel. The hotel features a full service restaurant called The El Tovar Dining Room. The restaurant is highly regarded worldwide for their gourmet menu offerings. There is also a lounge and a gift shop on site too as well. There are 78 non-smoking rooms available in standard, dulexe, and suite rooms. The average rate for a standard room ranges from $225 to $378.

Yavapai Lodge – South Rim

Yavapai Lodge is a hotel that is about a mile walk to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. The hotel is actually divided into two parts, Yavapai East and Yavapai West, that is separated by the main lobby in the center. This is an ideal hotel for families as there are books and board games available on site to enjoy. This is also an excellent hotel for pet owners and pet lovers as not only are they allowed at the hotel, but there are also kennels offered for rent during your stay there. Bicycles are also allowed at the hotel too as well. It is worth noting that there are three electric chargers at the hotel for Tesla automobiles. So, if you are an owner of a Tesla automobile, then this hotel is for you.

The hotel includes a full service restaurant on site called Yavapai Lodge Restaurant. The restaurant offers southwest-inspired American comfort food and other chef-inspired foods on the menu. There is also a bar on site called Yavapai Tavern. Also on site is a coffee and ice cream shop called Yavapai Coffee and Ice Cream. There are 358 non-smoking rooms at the hotel. The average rate for a standard room ranges from $119 to $309. Do be aware though that due to the cooler climate at the North Rim of the national park, this hotel is only open from May through October.

Grand Canyon Lodge – North Rim

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This is the only hotel that is available at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. This hotel is tucked into a lush forest setting of ponderosa pine trees located at the top of a canyon, offering stunning views of the depths of the national park as well as the forest itself. This is a unique hotel for these who are seeking an opportunity to ride mules as these are available at the hotel to ride on.

There are a variety of cabin options available at the hotel for those of you who desire a more rustic experience. The are also the standard hotel rooms available for your comfort. There is a full service restaurant on site offering an array of regional and sustainable menu options. A gift shop and convenience store are located on site as well. There are a total of 219 rooms at this hotel. The average rate for a standard room ranges from $209 to $317.

These are the hotels that you should consider when planning a vacation to the Grand Canyon National Park. Again, location is among the most important factors when considering a hotel to stay at overnight. And so these hotels listed here takes this into account. It is worth noting that even though WiFi is available at the hotels in the Grand Canyon, due to the incredible remoteness of the national park, the internet speed can be slow. So, don’t expect to do anything more than checking your e-mail inbox during your vacation there.

Plan A Trip to the Grand Canyon – 100 Year Anniversary Events

Have you ever wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, but haven’t had a chance to do so? It just so happens that this year is the 100th year anniversary of the Grand Canyon’s establishment as a national park of the United States of America. There are events remaining this year for celebrating the 100th year anniversary. So, at least one of these events would be a great chance for you to plan a trip to the Grand Canyon this year. So, let’s get down to the events happening at the Grand Canyon throughout the remainder of this year. (article continues below the image)

Grand Canyon Lecture Series: Discovery, Exploration and the Grand Canyon

This is an event that will take place on September 13th, 2019 at 7pm at Northern Arizona University’s Cline Library in Flagstaff, Arizona. This event will be presented by Craig Childs. He will be discussing ways that one can go about discovering and exploring the Grand Canyon. This event will be open and free to the public.

11th Annual Celebration of Art

This annual celebration of art will happen from September 7th to 15th, 2019 at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. This event is aimed at those of you who are interested in all pieces of art that are inspired by the Grand Canyon. You will also have an opportunity to meet with the artists who are responsible for those pieces of art. This event is also intended to serve as a fundraiser in order to benefit an art venue that is located at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.

National Park Service Fee Free Day

This one is obivous. You will be able to visit the Grand Canyon National Park for free. That is provided that you are able and willing to visit on a specific date. This event will happen on September 28th, 2019. This is being done in celebration of National Public Lands Day. So, if you are able and willing to, head over and soak in the gorgeous beauty of the Grand Canyon National Park for free on September 28th, 2019!

Naturalization Day

This is the event in which United States citizenships are awarded to those who have applied and worked their way through the process of becoming a citizen of the United States of America. If you, yourself, have been awarded the citizenship or you simply want to participate in the cermony, then this event is for you. This will happen on September 28th, 2019 at 10am at the Mather Point Amphitheater at the Grand Canyon National Park. This cermony is being hosted by the Phoenix field office of the United States Citizenship and Immigation Services. This cermony will be free and open to the public.

National Fossil Day

This is the event to be if you are interested in learning about and celebrating the paleontological resources that are found throughout the Grand Canyon. This will happen on September 28th, 2019 in various locations throughout Grand Canyon Village, Arizona. There will be family activites and much more during the event.

There they are. These are the events that are happening during the remainder of this year in celebration of the Grand Canyon’s 100th year anniversary as a national park of the United States of America. If you are looking for a reason to visit this year, then perhaps one or more of these events will motivate you to plan a trip to the Grand Canyon and soak in its gorgeous beauty.

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